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No Fap Health Benefits, and possible Disadvantages

by Joseph Perez
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No fap has been described as an anti-masturbation movement or a program that one can undergo to not masturbate for a period of time.

It has been pushed by religious, and ethical preachers, and even some extremist misogynistic groups but it may have health implications.

The no fap rules started somehow with social media communities of men taking the challenge to go days with no porn, no masturbation.

They even have the 90 days rule for the most popular challenge which requires abstaining from masturbation for 90 days.

Do you want to go more or fewer than 90 days without porn and masturbation to help refresh your mind and body?

What are the proven health benefits of no fap?

The social and ethical benefits of no fap may be sensitive or more controversial than the health benefits of no fap is highly debatable.

That said, read on for the potential health benefits of no fap.

1) No Fap may improve eyesight

There is a strong argument that no fap may help improve your eyesight because it allows the eye to get enough of the nutrient it needs instead of it wasted on semen production when you masturbate.

So, essentially the point here is that your eye can be healthier if too much ejaculation doesn’t compete with the rich nutrients from your daily diet.

Also, you directly prevent your eyes from suffering extra hurt due to the blue light from your devices’ screen.

2) No fap may be good for muscle improvement

When you do not masturbate too much, it may allow your body to have enough energy to be willing and able to exercise and do the physical work it needs to tone your muscles.

Same as when you avoid too much sex during bodybuilding to conserve energy, you may experience better muscle mass buildup results with no fap even with consuming lower calories.

3) No fap may help improve premature ejaculation

Some people have claimed that too much masturbation may train your mind to work in certain ways that may result in quicker ejaculations.

Even if there is no clear evidence, no fap periods can be a way to allow your mind to rewire how it perceives sexual pleasure and time to trigger ejaculation.

4) No fap may avoid peculiar penis injury

Injury to the shaft of your penis can happen due to rough stroking and this can cause pain and a burning sensation that may be painful until it heals again from the inside.

The more frequently you masturbate, the more likely it is that you are going to be addicted to it and this may increase the probability that penis injury could come from handling it roughly.

Although there is no report comparing masturbation with normal sex, a peculiar injury is likely to occur while masturbating compared to during sexual intercourse which may be more serious.

No fap may have disadvantages because

  • Regular masturbation may support the normal production of sperm easily
  • When your no fap becomes, strictly no-porn, you may miss out on the fun ways of expressing sexual performance
  • Another argument is the question of how to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases if no fap works
  • Other health research findings suggest that you may miss out on the health benefits of the potential role of masturbating in reducing the risk of having prostate cancer.


There are gray lines between no fap against and the benefits of having plenty of sex that may include masturbation.

Whatever, you feel is good for you, you might want to do sex and masturbation in moderation as it may have a physical toll on you, on your mental health, and your social wellbeing too.

You should consider your nutrition and wellbeing when having sex because it needs energy for your body to sustain the demands.

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