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The 5 Proven Benefits of Matcha Tea

by Joseph Perez
matcha tea

Results may be different from person to person when it comes to herbal solutions that offer health benefits from using a natural substance.

Hence it is normal for the curious mind to explore and want to know exactly what could work based on scientific evidence.

Learning about the chemical compounds in natural ingredients can help us know exactly why we should use them and how much we should consume.

Read on to learn about the proven health benefits that can be derived from drinking matcha tea.

What are the benefits of matcha tea?

1) It may help slow down cell damage

Matcha is rich in antioxidants that help to break down free radicals that help reduce cell damage.

Cell oxidative actions that are heightened by free radicals cause serious cell damage that can affect an individual’s health.

Matcha contains catechins, a natural antioxidant similar to the one found in green tea.

In some analyses, the matcha was found to be more valuable as a natural antioxidant and it supports the intake of antioxidants in the cell.

A study showed that mice fed with matcha supplements were least affected by free radicals and it proved the impact of the antioxidative function of the plant.

2) It may boost your brain function

A controlled study of people showed that matcha tea may be good for the brain.

The parameters that suggested that herbal extracts may be a super brain food were; mood and other cognitive performance indicators.

Cognitive performance may be complex and there may be problems with the study to prove anything.

If for anything, a larger sample will be needed to have stronger conclusions.

However, the proven antioxidant nature of the ingredient has been shown to support brain health elsewhere.

3) It may help protect your liver

Green tea has been shown to reduce liver toxicity and matcha tea was expected to be similarly effective and have similar chemical structures.

The results showed that similar results might be experienced because of the powerful antioxidant property.

4) Matcha may help promote heart health

Including matcha tea in your diet may be helpful to your heart health because you’re clearing the path of blood circulation to your health is vital to keeping your health healthy.

The anti-toxicity and anti-oxidative functions that we have seen earlier may be relevant to making sure that extra pressure doesn’t mount on the heart.

Also, perhaps, more importantly, matcha tea may help reduce the total LDL cholesterol in the blood, which will reduce high blood pressure, and the risk of a heart attack too.

5) It may help fight cancer

Animal studies have shown exciting promise of the anti-cancer properties of extracts in matcha tea.

The tea may help in reducing various forms of cancers including skin, lung, and prostate cancers.


There are other areas where matcha might be good for general health as weight loss.

Weight loss supplements include matcha as one of the ingredients that support maintaining your weight.

So, it may be great to have it instead of other regular teas that may contain more calories.

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