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The Main Health Benefits of Maca Root

by Joseph Perez
maca powder

The maca plant, Lepidium meyenii is believed to likely be a cross between potato and radish plants.

It is a Peruvian staple vegetable that is used in dishes because of its nice flavor and it has been used in food supplements because of its traditional medicinal attributes.

The grounded root is processed into a powder which is the package that may be found in stores.

These properties give important economic benefits but let us focus on the health and nutritional benefits of Maca Root.

What are the health benefits of Maca Roots?

Many nutritional ingredients in maca root powder. may contribute to its benefit and there may be additional benefits when combined with other ingredients as well.

Read on to see the main benefits of maca.

1) It may boost reproductive health

Increasing libido, and reducing erectile dysfunction are known uses in reproductive health that have received some attention in studies about improving sexual functions.

Interestingly it may be good for both men and women and could be so because of its hormonal regulatory capabilities.

2) Maca could boost energy and endurance

Few scientific evidence may support the use of maca for improving athletic performance.

Although studies that were conducted seemed to be correlated, it is worth noting that people who take placebos may perform at the same levels of energy and endurance.

3) It may reduce high blood pressure

According to the results of a small study, maca toot may help improve blood pressure.

Specifically, 3.3 grams of maca was given to postmenopausal women each day for 12 weeks and their blood pressure was relatively lower.

4) It may improve your mood

According to an observational study conducted with postmenopausal women, the participants found reported a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Symptoms of depression also reduced when given maca root to them

5) Maca is good for your brain function

The combined health benefits of detoxification and reduction in blood pressure all support brain health.

Moreover, a recent literature review showed that maca may help enhance learning and memory function in individuals.

Maca supporting overall brain health could extend to helping brain-related conditions that come with aging too.

6) It may aid detoxification

Maca roots may support the production of natural antioxidants in your body making it useful to help remove free radicals.

The antioxidants, glutathione, and superoxide dismutase are known to reduce cell oxidative particles that could cause internal damage and inflammation.

By extension, it can support heart health and the prevention of other disease conditions like cancer or weakness of the immune system that can lead to susceptibility to illness.


Maca may not be the regular American vegetables that you can have access to easily but its processed form can help add both nutritional and health benefits to millions of people while providing foreign income to local farmers.

Some of the benefits may need further validation and medical trials to establish that it could be useful in the medical world.

Also, you should avoid abuse of the root because there may be side effects especially due to interaction with medicines that affect your hormones.


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