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6 Proven Health Benefits of CoQ10

by Joseph Perez
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Our body makes CoQ10, coenzyme Q10 that lives in the cells’ mitochondria and powers the ATP production process.

Foods contain this coenzyme that your body needs to create the energy that your body.

As this tends to decrease with age, your cells may need a supplemental source to replace the natural biological function.

Read on to know the health benefits of Coenzyme Q10 based on scientific research.

What are the benefits of the CoQ10 supplement?

1) It has antioxidant property

CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant produced in the body and it helps with the cells’ protection from oxidative damage and hence improved growth and development.

Antioxidants have the benefits of reducing inflammations in the cells and so should help reduce illness and boost immunity.

2) It may improve patient’s diabetic condition

If insulin resistance is reversed and you eliminate oxidative stress you should be able to prevent diabetes.

CoQ10 may help diabetic patients because it reduces low-density lipoprotein aka LDL cholesterol and the total cholesterol levels.

It has been shown to boost the performance of blood sugar regulatory function and insulin sensitivity when administered to patients with diabetes.

3) It may improve heart condition

Scientists have probed the likely effects of CQ10 for those with heart conditions and there seemed to show a corresponding improvement when CQ10 was supplemented.

Studies found that people with heart diseases had less amount of CQ10 compound in their bloodstream.

Moreover, since oxidative stress causes cardiovascular problems it shows that lower CQ10 may make your heart more vulnerable to diseases.

4) It may reduce the frequency of migraines

There are a good number of factors that CoQ10 supports in the cell and the main lines of benefits include antioxidative and anti-inflammatory functions.

This can help in the brain by reducing stress factors and hence may reduce migraines.

5) It may boost physical strength and endurance

The ATP is a powerhouse of the cell and it is the Coenzyme Q10 that helps to make this happen at the cell levels.

General weakness can result from depletion of this compound in the body, thereby making you weak and your physical endurance fail.

Studies have shown that it could help you to perform exercises for longer and reduce fatigue.

6) It may enhance a healthier and fresher skin tone

The importance of CQ10 has been seen in both its protective use and in enhancing the beauty of the skin.

The reason is that the livelier cells in the skin mean that it has enough energy in it to wade off disease and also make it vibrant.

Looking at the skin at the micro level may help you appreciate this better.

Also, scientists claim that when CQ10 is deficient it can lead to skin that is prone to skin cancers.


CoQ10 may be useful in more ways than has already been explored.

This is because the compound is a cofactor that connects the cell which is the basic unit of life.

As you age there may be a need to supplement this with the right nutrients.

However, you shouldn’t take too much of the nutrients or too much food that supports the compound.

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