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5 Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

by Joseph Perez

You might remember that you were told in school that chlorophyll is the compound in plants’ leaf that gives it its color and take part in photosynthesis.

I remember having a chat about chlorophyll with a friend who was a biochemist after seeing claims about its health benefits on a food supplement’s product brochure.

It was obvious that I was fed with many new facts about this component in plant’s leaf that it was only normal for me to seek to learn why they must work.

Comparing what I had seen from the chlorophyll supplement product with what my friend had to tell me about the same thing was like we were talking about different chlorophylls.

What are the potential health benefits of chlorophyll?

Are there newer studies that we may have missed on what health benefits chlorophyll could have?

Read on to see the possible health benefits of chlorophyll based on scientific studies.

1) Chlorophyll may improve blood supply and oxygen circulation

Hemoglobin is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the red blood cell.

Chlorophyll has a similar chemical structure as hemoglobin making some biochemists suggest that it may boost the oxygenation of the red blood cells and so improve the blood circulatory function.

Some students have made several inferences from another study suggesting that chlorophyll may help patients with hemoglobin deficiency disorders like anemia and thalassemia.

2) It may help in detoxification

One network marketing company sold chlorophyll as a part of their detoxification treatment.

While some people believe that results may be similar to placebo effects or something like detox water therapy claims, there could be some value aside from the suggestions that results are exaggerated.

A study published in 2001 showed that liver toxin, aflatoxin was reduced with chlorophyll treatment.

3) It may help in weight loss

Research into the efficacy of chlorophyll in weight loss is not enough to make a strong case.

However, one longitudinal study may suggest that we have to consider critically, the ways that this plant component may help you lose weight.

The comprehensive study showed the many ways that weight loss programs may work indirectly rather than directly.

4) It may be good for your skin health

Laboratory tests showed that chlorophyll had antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties outside any living thing.

The feature demonstrated showed that it could help in the healing of wounds and prevention of inflammation that may negatively affect the skin.

Chlorophyll’s antibacterial property might help it enhance skin protection against microbial attacks as well.

5) It may be used as a natural deodorant

Chlorophyll as a deodorant may be one of the most studied medical uses of the plant component.

Earlier research was done to determine how chlorophyll may reduce odor for people who had a colostomy.

From the studies that followed, it may have been suggested that peculiar fecal odors were reduced because of chlorophyll’s antibacterial properties.

However, more conclusive support for the deodorant property of chlorophyll was from a study that affirmed that elderly patients in the nursing clinic had their body odor reduced.


While there are still doubts about the benefits of chlorophyll in many areas of health as in blood circulation, skincare, and detoxification, one can enjoy the good feeling of chlorophyll-dyed water.

I used chlorophyll some years ago and I liked the feeling of wellness and the health I enjoyed then.

It is advised to just be safe and do what you have to do in moderation, and seek medical attention if you fall sick.

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