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7 Health Benefits of Spirulina

by Joseph Perez
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Spirulina Extract

Paying attention to what we eat can maintain our health.

What we eat, and the pollutants we are constantly exposed to contribute to some health problems we face.

The new trends in health involve the use of organic products of plants and animal origin to solve most of the problems.

These products are found to be relatively safe with little or no side effects.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that serves as a food supplement due to its enormous nutritional and health benefits.

Benefits of Spirulina

Research shows that spirulina is rich in antioxidants and this makes it a good natural remedy for many health problems such as aging, inflammation, obesity, and many more.

Some of the health benefits of Spirulina are discussed below.

1) Weight loss

Obesity is one of the rising problems facing people in our society. It is possible to lose weight by reducing the amounts of calories consumed.

Spirulina is useful here because of its high nutrient content and low-calorie content.

When the powder is added to one’s diet, it should reduce overeating and may help in the management of obesity.

2) Detoxifier

One of the recent reviews conducted in 2016 established that Spirulina possessed antitoxic properties making it antitoxic to many pollutants that people are exposed to.

It is also common knowledge that we are exposed to the risk of taking contaminated water as well as being exposed to other sources of pollution which put our health at risk.

Spirulina due to its antitoxic properties can serve as a body detoxifier.

3) Allergy management

Allergens are substances that cause allergic reactions in people’s bodies. Some known allergens are dust, pets, and pollens.

When some allergic persons are exposed to these known allergens an allergic reaction is initiated leading to sneezing and in severe cases swelling of the nose.

Some data from the database of the National Institutes of Health suggests that spirulina can relieve nasal inflammation and lower the amount of histamine in the body.

4) Boosting metabolism

A study conducted in 2014 established that people who take about 6g of spirulina daily experienced an increase in their body’s metabolic activities as well as weight loss which translates to quality living.

5) Prevents cardiac conditions

The known causes of heart problems are commonly linked with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is believed that spirulina can reduce both high blood pressure as well as cholesterol level due to their anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering capacity, and their antioxidative properties thereby preventing heart conditions.

6) Prevents Hypertension

In a study conducted it was established that those eating spirulina regularly for a period of 3 months had their blood pressure lowered thereby preventing the risk of hypertension. In other words, frequent consumption of spirulina can help manage high blood pressure.

7) Anti-diabetic properties

Although more research is still needed, spirulina has shown promise as a supplement for the management of diabetes. It was found in one of the recently published medical articles to have lowered the blood sugar levels in people.


Spirulina has shown to be a very promising supplement in the management of many medical conditions through these assertions are subject to more research.

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